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GA telecomunicazioni
operates in telecommunications and energy markets

- Trade of materials for telecommunications and energy infrastructures

- Design and production of multiple laying Static Mole Ploughs

- Long Distance TLC installations
  • Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Equipment supply and consultancy for its use

GA Products
• Design and rigging of mobile camps and mobile workshops for any need.
• Design and development of multiple laying machines for TLC and power cables, HDPE ducts, warning tapes and lightning-protection rope, suitable to any kind of tarrain and climatic condition.
• Application of said technology in the field of minitrenching.
• Application of said technology to chain trenchers and tractors.
• Rigging of engine-powered air compressors with cooling and drying systems, with pressure from 10 to 15 bar and air flow from 250 to 16.000 liters/minute.
• Supply and technical assistance for equipment to salvage out-of-order TLC and power cables from existing ducts.
• Supply of:
  - Custom O.F. Microcables (1–144 fibers), traditional O.F. cables, O.F. cables for OPGW, O.F. cables for sewers and vocal frequency cables.
   - HDPE microducts outer diameter 5 - 16 mm, possibly custom, for subducting, for direct burying, for overhead stringing, for microtrench, and with rodent protection.
  - HDPE ducts outer diameter 18-50 mm, possibly custom.
  - Accessories for duct and microduct connection.
  - Accessories for microduct derivation.
  - Handholes in PVC and related accessories.
  - Cable tail protection boxes and relative accessories.
  - Warning tapes, with and without steel wires for detection.
  - Crushproof road signs.
• Hire of equipment to skin armed cables on duty (diameter 18-24 mm).

CBS products
• Equipment to lay, with blowing system, of:
  - O.F. cables (from 12 to 32 mm) even in partially occupied ducts
  - Microducts (from 5 to 16 mm) even in partially occupied ducts
  - F.O. microcables (from 1 to 11 mm).
• Equipment for overhead stringing of Low, Medium, and High Voltage lines.
• Equipment for TLC and power cables in trenches and ducts.
• Measuring instruments, service locators and Georadars.
• Single and multiple drum trailers.
• Miscellaneous tools and equipments for TLC worksites.

Prodotti Vermeer
Fornitura ed allestimento di:
• Scavatrici per Minitrincea
• Aspiratori per svuotamento Minitrincea
• Gamma completa di Perforatori per Microtunneling (Directional/Thrust Boring)

Blowing Machines
Cable- and Duct-Blowing machines
Ducts, Microducts and Accessories
Ducts, Microducts and Accessories
Machines for Automatized Laying
Machines for Automatized Laying of Cables and Ducts
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